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Project concept

In order to determine the parameters of future construction (area, building height, volume, conceptual solutions for technological processes) taking into account town planning restrictions, as well as for calculation of construction site requirements for necessary engineering capacities, it is necessary to develop a project concept.


The project manager, civil architect and technologist are working at this stage as one work team: they find the optimal solution approach for production technological tasks, define the most efficient building solutions, according to the requirements of the Customer and demands of current restrictions.


Rendering materials (project concept) includes:

  • Abstract
  • General plan
  • Photofixation of current situation
  • Land plot layout diagram (part of the general layout M1:500)
  • Standard floor layouts
  • Front elevations
  • Views (3D-scheme) if necessary.


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On base of the Project concept developed by the designer and accepted by the Customer we carry out work to receive initial permission documentation such as technical conditions and urban development plan.


Further due to the implementation of the Project concept the Investor receives the possibility to study in more details the cost efficiency of the construction site that gives the confidence of the right choice for investment.


It is to be noted that the Rendering materials (Project concept) are to be approved by the district and the chief architect of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Development of Saint-Petersburg or the raion administration (in the Leningrad region), Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety.


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