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General design

For execution of major construction works the Investor (Customer) has to choose the General designer, an organization which manages the works in design, coordination of project solutions, complex approval of project solutions in offices of state and enterprises - holders of the engineering support networks.


The general designer executes and coordinates all works combined with successful execution of the project from the architectural concept to a positive expert's report.


General design:

  • development of an architectural concept;
  • preparation of data for receipt of standard specifications;
  • preparation of data for execution of geotechnical investigations;
  • preparation of design and detailed documentation:

- explanatory note;
- land plot layout diagram;
- architectural concept;
- construction and volume-spacing solutions;
- information about engineering equipment and networks
- list of engineering and technical measures, content of technological concept, including:

- electrical power system;
- water distribution system;
- water disposal system;
- heating system, ventilation and air-conditioning, heat supply network;
- telecom network;
- gas network;
- technological concept;

- project management of permanent buildings wracking;
- environmental management event list;
- fire safety measures;
- measures for affording access for disabled people;
- contractor's estimate for capital construction projects;
- other documentation in cases set by the federal law;

  • lift of objections at the regulatory authorities;
  • designer supervision.


The general designer is responsible for delivery deadlines of the project, approval of project documentation, quality of work.


The decision of the investor related to the choice of the General designer is the key for project execution at foreseen terms.

PSG has all required documents for performance of work.


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