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Architectural supervision

During building and construction works, building of engineering networks and systems, where provided for by law, the Designer carries out the architectural supervision of the construction site. At construction sometimes the building organization needs to choose other brands of material or requirements for execution of work. In this case these questions directed to the Designer are cleared by the Architectural supervision on the construction site. The general designer controls the compliance to the design solutions by the building organization, in case of inconsistencies indicates the visible defects, and gives suggestions how to eliminate them or orders a re-execution of works, if the made by the building organization solutions are inadmissible in relation to the safety of the construction site and its appropriate functioning.

Architectural supervision:

  • visual examination with a specialist on-site visit;
  • conformance inspection of the carried out works and design solutions;
  • indication of building defects, recommendations on their elimination;
  • approval of other materials and constructions (nodes) if possible;
  • final control of the implemented work.


Our experience covers a score of realized projects in Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region, and other territories of Russia. For big construction sites our professionals have carried out architectural supervision.


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