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The Policlinic for 380 visits per shift, the city of Gatchina. Positive conclusion of the public examination

In September 2014 the Company ”PSG” was recognized the winner of the competition for designing healthcare facilities for 380 visits per shift, m/r Airfield, the city of Gatchina.


The quality management system. Inspection

In July-August 2014 the company "PSG" were conducted comprehensive audits of the quality management System (QMS), which resulted in the organization's auditor was confirmed by the action of existing certificates.


Archive news



Founding the company PSG in 2006 we were sure of the necessity for a qualitative new approach to the project management in construction industry. Such approach that allows to differ us favourable from offers existing on the market for General Design and implementation of Technical customer.functions. Being a professional in the field of designing and project management we understand how heavy-footed and non-transparent to the business of the customer a master builder can be. Exactly because of this we have taken the following three guideposts as base for our activities:


  • Optimally organized process of design work accomplishment;
  • Usage of modern design technologies with use of the newest software solutions;
  • Transparent way of customer assistance during the execution phase.


And today showing a great improvement of our skills and developed to a serious market player we were able to preserve and to evolve our key benefits: flexibility, proximity to the client and exclusive standards of quality and the level of expertise of our team. We offer cooperation in area of any construction projects and are happy to provide to our customer professional service of high quality.


How we achieve successful project completion?


  • Flexibility
      The organization chart of our company is established in such a way as to avoid difficult processes of internal approval. The size of working teams is optimized so that we are able to work faster. In addition PSG is ISO9001:2008-complaint; the processes are optimal and fine-tuned, that allows to maintain a high level of work quality.

  • Personal service
      Just at the beginning of working with our company the customer receives a personal project manager of high qualification who get done all the necessary procedures: from requirements of the investment project to the post-project consulting.

  • All-in-one solution
      We offer our customers a front-end system of work implementation: all necessary works and services from receipt of initial permission documentation to a positive expert's report and construction permits we execute in full measure. The customer has no need to search for separate executors for carrying out segments of the set of works. If it is necessary we are ready to carry out additional services within the existing project.

We offer cooperation in area of any construction projects and are happy to provide to our customer professional service of high quality.


Completed projects


During the work of our company a lot of projects have been realized for Russian and international companies, notably are the following: GK "Rubezh", "TNK-BP Severnaya stolitsa", "Bravo Premium", "Henkel", "Okhtinskoe" ("Aladushkin group"), "Russian ethnographic museum", "Knauf", hotel group "Eurasia", "Technopolis", "Petersburg subway", "Provimi".