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Residential compound on Optikov street

Our company has implemented the design of a residential compound with integrated premises and a car parking on the corner of Optikov and Turistskaya streets in Saint-Petersburg.

According to the city traffic prospective development scheme the grade of the Optikov street will be raised, the road will develop to a part of an internal major highway. The placement of the residential house on the plot of the existing housing scheme of the quarter has set the main functionality and the volumetric and spatial composition of the house taking into account the designed residential and public houses.

The main volume of the designed residential house has a winding configuration along the Optikov street, this allows offer a maximal use of the land plot according to layout restrictions and to provide comfort and insolation of private premisses. Each of the 11 sections is a multifunctional volume that consists of 11-13-15-18-storeyed sections and integrated premisses.

Многоквартирный жилой комплекс на ул. Оптиков
Многоквар …
Жилой комплекс на ул. Оптиков
Жилой ком …
Жилой комплекс на ул. Оптиков-2
Жилой ком …


Residential compound in the Leningrad region, Sverdlov village

Specialists of PSG have carried out design works and received a positive expert's report on the project documentation of the Residential compound "Pravyi bereg" situated in the Sverdlov village, Leningrad region, on the right riverside of the Neva.


The compound consists of three comfort class all-in-one houses with different number of storeys (5-25 storeys). All houses are to be equipped with modern elevators, telecommunications including telephone, internet and digital TV. On building surrounding grounds there will be an underground parking with 80 car spaces, an about 200 spaces open car park, children's playground, sports areas, recreational spaces.

ЖК Свердлова фасад
ЖК Свердл …
ЖК Свердлова фасад-2
ЖК Свердл …
ЖК Свердлова фасад-3
ЖК Свердл …



Residential compound "Molodezhnyj"

PSG has implemented the design works on the Residential compound "Molodezhnyj" in cooperation with the company "EtalonProject".


A comfort class residential compound is now under construction in a cultivated and improved district of Saint-Petersburg right on the shore of the Neva. In 2012 the Nevsky district entered the three leaders of the most improved districts of the city. All necessary for a life in comfort is just around the future residential compound: a metro station, road junctions, the Cable bridge, shopping malls. Next to the "Molodezhnyj" there are a lot of green space including the famous garden "Kuragin dacha".


The design of the residential compound "Molodezhnyj" suggests the construction of a 23-storeyed brick solid-cast house. The architectural concept of the compound is made in form of a horseshoe facing the Neva. The ground floor will be occupied by integrated commercial permits, which will house bank branch offices, coffee shops, beauty salons, pharmacies offering a fast solution of everyday life.

Жилой комплекс
Жилой ком …
Жилой комплекс
Жилой ком …


Residential compound in the Leningrad region, Shlisselburg

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