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The Policlinic for 380 visits per shift, the city of Gatchina. Positive conclusion of the public examination

In September 2014 the Company ”PSG” was recognized the winner of the competition for designing healthcare facilities for 380 visits per shift, m/r Airfield, the city of Gatchina.


The quality management system. Inspection

In July-August 2014 the company "PSG" were conducted comprehensive audits of the quality management System (QMS), which resulted in the organization's auditor was confirmed by the action of existing certificates.


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Our mission

Dmitry Sharov, CEO:

"We are working in the sphere of engineering, consulting and management at creation of civil and commercial construction sites. Founded on the professionalism of our specialists, innovations, teamwork strategy we offer high-quality services valuable for our customers.


Assistance in development of modern design technologies, improvement of project management systems and marketing of innovations are standards of our operating procedures".


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